1.The proposal of the applicant may be used by Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) to implement schemes in other projects.

2. The applicants shall be eligible for the following grants :
      a. A main grant of upto Rs. 1 Crore will be given to the chosen applicant.
      b. Sub-grants will be as follows:

          i. Upto Rs. 15 lakhs each to 15 applicants .
          ii. Young Learners: Rs. 11,000/- each to 20 applicants . (Rs.20,000/- for group projects)
          iii. Young Innovators: Upto Rs. 1 Lakh each to 20 applicants .
Basis of each grant has been clearly defined in the site and the Applicants shall be considered only for the grants that they qualify for.

3. The applications shall be considered by the selection panel (Jury) formed for this purpose; SAS has absolute discretion to keep the identity of the Jury private till the time it is deemed fit.

4. The decision of the Jury shall be final and abiding.

5. The following documents must be submitted along with the completed application form:

     a. Proof under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961
     b. Any other document/particulars that SAS shall demand, such particulars must be submitted within the deadline therein specified.

Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

6. Every application shall be screened by the Jury constituted for this purpose and the composition of this Jury shall not be called into question by any applicant.

7. By submitting the application, the Applicant guarantees that the information provided in the application is accurate, true and original.

8. The last date for the submission of this application is November 15, 2011.

9. SAS holds absolute rights to reject any application that is found to be unoriginal. SAS also has the right to terminate any agreement entered into with Grant Recipients if fact of unoriginality becomes known after the grant is given.

10. Once the application is submitted, the Applicant is bound by the terms and conditions provided on the site.

11. The decision of the Jury is final and shall not be called into question in a court of law, no reasons for selection or rejection will be provided by SAS or EIFI.

12. On getting selected, the person(s) so selected (‘Grant Recipient’) shall enter into a separate Agreement with SAS or EIFI to govern the terms and conditions of utilization of the grant money.

13. If selected, the Grant Recipients shall provide to SAS all necessary documentation required by SAS or EIFI. The selection shall be conditional to the Grant Recipient providing all such documents within the time stipulated by SAS or EIFI.

14. The Grant Recipients shall submit to SAS all their financial records in respect of the grant money on SAS’s notice of the same.

15. SAS reserves the right to observe the activities/provide eveidence of implementation\visit the premises of the Grant recipient anytime without prior notice in order to monitor the utilization of the Grant money.

16. Any tax obligations that may arise as a result of such grant shall be borne by the Grant Recipients. SAS or EIFI reserves the right to deduct taxes as applicable.

17. The monies constituting the grant shall be utilized only for carrying out the approved project in respect of which the grant has been awarded.

18. The approved project shall not be undertaken or carried out by any other body or person other than the Grant Recipient without prior written approval of EIFI or SAS.

19. The Grant Recipient shall notify EIFI or SAS of any alternative or additional source of funding in respect of the approved project, whether the additional funding becomes available before or after the award of the grant.

20. The Grant Recipient shall not change or alter the approved project in any manner whatsoever without the prior written approval of SAS or EIFI.

21. If the Grant Recipient is in breach of any of the conditions of this grant which it does not rectify within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice from EIFI or SAS requiring it to do so, or it fails to comply with any reasonable direction given by EIFI or SAS, then EIFI or SAS may terminate the grant by written notice without prejudice to any other remedy it may have.

22. Where a grant is terminated in accordance with Condition 20, the Grant Recipient must repay to EIFI or SAS all monies provided to them under the grant within fourteen (14) days of a written notice of termination being served on the Grant Recipient by EIFI or SAS. If, after the approved project has been completed, it is discovered that the Grant Recipient has breached any of the conditions of grant which it is not able to rectify within fourteen (14) days of receipt of notice from EIFI or SAS requiring it to do so, then EIFI or SAS shall retain the right to terminate the grant and require the Grant Recipient to repay all monies provided by EIFI or SAS.

23. If the commencement of the approved project is delayed for any reason, an application for postponement of the starting date should be made in writing to EIFI or SAS.

24. The grant will normally be valid only for the period specified on the application with respect to each particular grant. EIFI or SAS should be promptly advised of project delays.

25. Within 30 days of completion of the project, the Grant Recipient shall provide to EIFI or SAS a full written report on the activity, and other supporting material/evidence(audio-visual), along with supporting evidence of expenditure by way of a detailed statement, attaching receipts wherever possible. A financial statement authorised by a certified accountant will be required to be submitted to SAS or EIFI.

26. If a project is terminated for any reason, monies not expended according to the conditions of the grant, shall be refunded to EIFI or SAS.

27. If a project results in a Grant Recipient creating or producing data, information, reports or materials which may be subject to copyright or which constitutes intellectual property of whatsoever nature ("Project Materials"), such Project Materials remain the property of the Grant Recipient as and when they are created or produced, notwithstanding that any report or documentation provided to EIFI or SAS by a Grant Recipient in accordance with these conditions will be owned by EIFI or SAS.

28. Governing law shall be the laws of India and any dispute resolution shall be within the jurisdiction of courts in Puducherry and Chennai.

29. The Applicant/Grant Recipient undertakes to be bound by these conditions without exceptions.

30. The terms SAS and EIFI wherever used in isolation shall include the other unless repugnant to the context.

31. These terms and conditions are subject to revision without notice.

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